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Hello, My name is Rico Chandra Kusuma.

My early business attempts resulted in failure. I attempted 17 different businesses, with no success during this period. I was depressed and thinking that earning $400/month for a boy from a developing country was an amazing feat.

I wished that i had a mentor that can guide me 10 years ago. But there's no give up in my dictionary. So i stand up again and again...

In January 2009, I started learning internet marketing, which leads me to many "guru" scams and failures. After spending 400 hours doing internet marketing, i finally earn my first sale from a clickbank product that earn me $82.09. It's the best feeling ever even can't be compared with what i earned today. After that, i keep learning and do the hard work. And in November 2009, I earned my $4,454.68 income to my saving account working with Maxbounty.

In 2011, i decided to move back to my hometown in Indonesia to support my parents. Even i know that i will miss the opportunity to earn 9 to 5 High Income Job in Germany. I take the leap of faith and establish a company in my hometown.

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